Who We Are

Elan: spirited self-assurance; verve; dash; enthusiasm 


For those of you who don’t already know us, our names are Matt and Annette. We are pup parents to Roxy and Dash, and are a fun loving, adventure seeking, simple living couple.

We are both born and raised Oregonians and over the past 9 years we have discovered a true passion for a more minimalistic lifestyle, which also helps us feed our love of adventure. We have lived in Maui, Colorado and are currently taking some time to travel and visit with family.

Have you ever had this endless desire to experience something but it just felt so unreachable? Well, we have too and reason we decided to start a blog and share our lives with you guys is because we want to share our way of life, taking the desires and making them a reality.

Every week we will be sharing more about our lifestyle, adventures, and pups!


Annette and Matt